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Replacement Doors & Door Installation in Austin


Have you considered beautifying your Austin home with a secure and professional door installation? Our team is second to none in the Austin area and we’d love impress you with the hundreds of entry door installation options we offer. Our install will be flawless, within budget and on schedule. The job isn’t complete until you are satisfied with your new Central Texas Remodeling entry doors. Our long track record of happy customers is testament to our success.

Remodeler experience is one of the most important aspects of door installation. Though there is no licensure or training school to attend to become an expert, our team members become master door installers due to extensive training and experience. You won’t find another remodeler in Austin with as impressive experience in door installation as you will find with Central Texas Remodeling.

Door Replacement in Austin, TX

New doors for your Austin home can bring you increased curb appeal and comfort. Our replacement door team is ready to offer the boost in livability that you’ve dreamed of! Our doors are custom-made, with tons of available options, and we will cater to your specifications. With the variety of options, and at a price you will love, we have exactly the right door for you.

Whether your front door, side door, or patio doors need to be replaced, we have the ideal solutions for you. Our door installation team has years of experience with entry doors of every style and dimension. Our extensive knowledge makes it easy for us to get a project done on time and often under budget.

Replacement entry door advantages

Replacement doors come with great benefits, including:

  • Increased home equity. Replacement entry doors are a remodeling project guaranteed to add value to your home, according to industry surveys.
  • Custom doors as you envision them. You don’t have to settle for what the big box store happens to have in stock, we will custom build your doors to be an perfect match for your home design.
  • Maximum energy efficiency. With our high standards in materials and expert installation, you’ll end up paying less in utilities.
  • Tough security. Each time you open your new Central Texas Remodeling door, you’ll see the difference. Our entry doors feel sturdy because they are built well and from exceptional materials.
  • Top-notch and lasting craftsmanship. With a perfectly installed entry door, you can take pride in your home’s beauty and safety.

Options for your replacement door

With many materials to choose from, you can weigh the pros and cons of each type when it comes time to replace your doors.

  • Steel entry doors: highly secure and a great value. According to industry sources, 47% of new entry doors are steel. Your door is unlikely to be affected by any serious impact, but in use over time denting can easily occur. You will also have to watch out for rust.
  • Fiberglass entry doors: These can be fully customizable, and provide great value. Fiberglass doors make up 40% of new installations, according to industry sources. The outer veneer can be damaged by serious impacts, requiring replacement. Other than that caveat, these are fortunately undentable and immune to rust.
  • Wood entry doors: High grade, and costing more, they are also customizable and classically designed. A disadvantage would be warping of the wood over time.

Which Replacement Door Brands to Consider

We carry all the best replacement door brands or doors with similar performance:

  • Pella Entry Doors
  • ProVia Entry Doors
  • Stanley Entry Doors
  • ThermaTru Entry Doors
  • …Just ask if you’re looking for another brand!

What are your replacement door project questions?

The team at Central Texas Remodeling are waiting to hear about your door project. With our years of experience and your total satisfaction as our goal, you can depend on our remodeling experts for unsurpassed service. If you are ready for a free replacement door consultation and measurement, give us a call. We are proud to prove to you that we are the top choice for Austin families’ home remodeling projects!

Austin door installation

When you hire an experienced professional to install your door you can expect perks:

  • Customize as you’d like. Please don’t settle for what the hardware store happens to stock. With our professional team you can ask for precisely what you want, and no detail is too small to consider.
  • Top-notch security. Central Texas Remodeling team installs the most secure doors on the market.
  • Raise your property’s value. Entry doors are consistently rated as a leading home improvement project for return on the money you invest.
  • Energy efficiency. With Central Texas Remodeling’s flawless installation, expect your utility bill to drop and and your home’s aesthetics to improve with your new door.
  • Enduring workmanship. Great craftsmanship is priceless, just wait until you see the difference as you approach your beautiful home.

Door installation options

There are so many options when it comes to installing an entry door, and you can consider pros and cons:

  • Steel entry doors: With an array of visual styles, steel doors are sturdy and reliable. Steel is actually used in 47% of new entry door installations. They do have the downside that they might become dented and also even minor damage can lead to rust. But don’t neglect the fact that they are highly resistant to major damage and are not easily compromised structurally.
  • Wood entry doors: These cost more but many are convinced their appearance is worth the price. If repeatedly damaged by weather, wood entry doors can warp, thereby lowering energy efficiency.
  • Fiberglass entry doors: These allow for so many possible modifications, certain models can even be stained or painted. Industry sources say that 40% of newly installed entry doors utilize fiberglass. Though major impacts can cause fractures on the exteriors, these have the benefit of being impervious to minor dents and rusting.
  • Glass entry doors: Clearly, glass cannot withstand major impacts, but is very well insulated and offers a variety styles and finishes. Both hinged and sliding glass doors are available.

What’s the Best Door Brand?

The premier replacement entry door brands or doors with equivalent performance are available:

  • ProVia Entry Doors
  • ThermaTru Entry Doors
  • Pella Entry Doors
  • Stanley Entry Doors
  • …And ask about more trusted brands we carry!

If you are dedicated to a worthwhile remodel, why settle for only what the big box store has in stock? Central Texas Remodeling has access to every major brand and we’ve installed thousands of entry doors, all chosen for their strength and durability. Our skill as Austin door installers will help you in every step of this project!

Why choose Central Texas Remodeling for door installation?

When considering companies for your new door installation project, don’t forget Central Texas Remodeling’s years of expertise installing custom-built doors for Austin families. If you’re not ready to commit to your remodeler of choice, first take a look over our online reviews, a testament to the quality you will receive when you pick us. Our whole business is designed for a home remodeling process that will be as easy and efficient as possible. If you contact us soon for free remodeling consultation and measurement, we’re sure you’ll quickly realize that we are the top choice among the Austin area’s replacement door installers.