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Backsplash Tile Design Ideas with Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba granite is a popular counter in many kitchen designs. Choose a kitchen backsplash tile that will coordinate with and highlight the stone.

The kitchen backsplash is often the decorative highlight and lynchpin of the kitchen design. The backsplash tile may be simple or decorative, ornate or subtle reflecting the tastes and style of the homeowner. If a granite countertop has been selected, this natural palette of colors offers a wonderful starting point for the backsplash.

Uba Tuba Granite


Uba Tuba granite is a dark green stone with a tightly packed granular pattern. Ranging from nearly black to a vivid, hunter green Uba Tuba often encompasses several other colors within its pattern. Sometimes called Verde Uba Tuba, Butterfly granite, Labrador Green, and Ubatuba, the stone may contain varying amounts of white, black, cream, gold, and turquoise within its makeup. These colors offer a built-in color palette for the selection of backsplash tile.

Modern Backsplash Tile Design

If the kitchen is contemporary in style and design, and Uba Tuba granite has been selected as the countertop, use one of the more vivid tones in the stone as the color for the backsplash tile. Bright gold or turquoise tiles can brighten and enliven the kitchen design while staying true to the palette already in place.

Look for mosaic tiles in intricate patterns of a single color, such as fan patterns, falling water patterns or micro-mosaic subway tiles of 1/2 x 1-inch. Glass tiles, honey onyx, or vitrified ceramic tiles can all complement a contemporary kitchen design.

Traditional Backsplash Tile Design

If the kitchen is more traditional in design, select two coordinating colors from the countertop, such as a cream and light gold or tan. Use the lighter of the two colors as the field tile, or main tite of the backsplash, while the second, darker color is used as an accent.

Consider using 4-inch square tiles with 2-inch tiles cut in on the corners for a decorative design. Use a coordinating border to frame the area behind the cooktop before filling in this area with more decorative tiles.

For a more subtle design, run subway tiles along with the counters with a narrow border one tile up from the counter. Use this same border to frame the area behind the cooktop, and change the subway tile pattern to a herringbone for classic style.

Rustic Kitchen Design

If the kitchen design is rustic, Tuscan, or Farmhouse in style, consider using tumbled marble tiles or travertine tiles on the backsplash. Look for colors like Jerusalem Gold, Travertine gold or Crema Luna to brighten the space.

Lay a row of tiles straight along with the counters and a second row of tiles straight below the cabinets. Fill in space between with tiles set on the diagonal for a rustic pattern that has a decorative interest. For more formal tile designs, use handmade decorative tiles and lay them in the area behind the cooktop.

The kitchen backsplash tile can brighten the kitchen design, highlight the style of the kitchen or simply cement the look in place. Use the kitchen countertop as a jumping-off point for color and interest and select a style that complements the rest of the home. Select a color from the Uba Tuba that is light or bright in color to keep from darkening the room.

Complement the Uba Tuba, kitchen design, and style all at once with the kitchen backsplash and make the kitchen the place everyone wants to be.