HVAC Systems Austin

What is an HVAC System?

Different Types of HVAC SystemsContentsDifferent Types of HVAC SystemsSplit SystemsPackaged SystemsMini-Split/Ductless SystemsHeat Pump/Air HandlerThermostatWant to know more? HVAC stands for “heating, ventilating and air conditioning”. It represents the three main functions that are usually combined within one central system in many modern homes. This system generates and transports warm, cool or dehumidified air throughout the …

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How Much Does a Solar Panel System Cost?

Photovoltaic systems are now easier and more affordable to install than ever before, thanks to advancements in manufacturing, technology, and financing. In fact, in many markets across the country, solar energy is less expensive than traditional power. Solar Costs in AustinContentsSolar Costs in AustinSolar Has Become Affordable for EveryoneEnvironmental BenefitsPassive Solar HomeSite SelectionHow Does Passive …

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Low Cost Bathroom Makeovers

Low Cost Bathroom Makeovers

Austin Affordable Bathroom MakeoversContentsAustin Affordable Bathroom MakeoversNew FlooringColor ChangeRefinish Your TubShower CurtainLightingStorage Although it may not appear to be possible, a low-cost bathroom remodel is entirely feasible. According to popular home remodeling culture, bathroom remodels must cost five figures and everything must be ripped out and replaced. But resisting that notion is the first step …

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Home Lighting Austin

Lighting Trends for your Austin Home

Hottest Trends in Home LightingContentsHottest Trends in Home LightingNatural LightLighting ElementsNatural Style with MetalDesign CharacterDiscover the Elements of LightingAmbient LightingTask LightingFocal LightingDecorative Lighting Lighting is one of the most essential aspects of home decorating and yet it tends to get ignored more than any other single element in an interior decorating scheme. Lighting can give …

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Kitchen Remodeling in Austin : 13 Common Mistakes

In the home’s most popular room to remodel, the potential for errors is high. So be aware of the trouble spots going in and turn this unlucky list of 13 into a true baker’s dozen, with a special treat for yourself–a beautifully remodeled kitchen. Poor PlanningContentsPoor PlanningSpace InefficiencyVisualization ProblemsNot Knowing Your OptionsStorageSafetyLightingPrioritizingBudgetTimingThe UnexpectedPreparationHiring the Right …

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How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Crawl Space Encapsulation in Austin?

The dark crawl space under your house is one area that makes many homeowners cringe. However, if left unfinished, this cold, damp area can reduce the indoor air quality of the living areas above, cause moisture-related problems to the structure of the home, and increase utility costs. A qualified basement or crawl space contractor will be your best …

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