Choosing Tile for the Shower

Though you might not think very much about it, the shower is the spot where you begin or end your day. It is a refuge, and you will find that if you pay some attention to it, you will be able to really revitalize the way that your bathroom appears. Don’t ignore the bathroom when you are thinking about remodeling, and consider the tile your shower deserves.

First, you will find that you actually go dark  or light. Some people love black or even charcoal gray tile, and you will find that this can look amazing if you make sure that the tile has a very glossy surface. Take a moment to think about the tile that you want for this spot and the depth of color.

You can also choose a very reviving shade of blue or green. Both blue and green have natural associations, and you will find that you can model your entire bathroom around the shower color. If you choose green, look for a slightly yellowish green, as that reflects green growing things. A cooler blue is a fantastic choice if you want to keep things more cozy in general.

Consider what you want for your bathroom and move from there.