Austin Garden Windows

Garden Window Installers in Austin, TX


Is your Austin home ready for new garden windows? It’s the right time to hire our custom window installers. We will get you those outstanding garden windows in one painless project. Your existing home design and construction will meld perfectly with garden windows. Central Texas Remodeling windows are available in a range of styles and for every budget.

Garden windows create an outward-built cubby for you to use for storage, garden greenery, or just about anything you like! Oftentimes garden windows are built in kitchens, usually behind the sink, but the only limit on our custom replacement windows is your imagination! We have relationships with all of the best window manufacturers, so we can offer you a stunning variety of options, all at a great price.

The benefits of Austin garden windows

Installing garden windows comes with a bunch of benefits, including:

  • Natural light. The interior will be bright and your plants will be healthier!
  • Improved property value. These awesome Austin windows are actually a sound financial investment.
  • Leading energy efficiency. The surface area of Garden windows is expansive, so you can let more of the outside air in. The tight seals offer insulation to help with the bills.
  • Great visibility. With clear views of the outside, you’ll feel like your in the midst of nature.
  • Impressive customizability. We can build whatever you have in mind.

Garden window options in Austin

Any typical construction material can be used for Garden windows, but each has different features.

  • Vinyl windows: modern homes commonly use this material, vinyl offers both customizability and insulation.
  • Wood windows and wood-look composites: in garden windows, due to the presence of plants and water, there can be a risk of rot in wooden frames. But their classic beauty and nature insulating properties may make that compromise worth it to you. But did you know wood-look composites have the advantages without the deterioration?
  • Metal windows, aluminum, and metal-look composites: low-cost garden window kits may use these. Due to poor insulation and lack of water-resistant qualities, metal windows are not advisable in most climates.
  • Composite windows: cutting-edge composites are a great new option, being highly customizable but also resistant to the elements. The only reason you might initially shy away from this option is that they require an experienced team to install. Each brand of composite windows has special steps and requirements, but our team at Central Texas Remodeling is experienced with all of them!

Garden Window Brands

All the best replacement window brands or windows with equivalent or better performance are available when you work with our team:

  • Andersen Windows
  • Marvin Windows
  • Pella Windows
  • Jeld-Wen Windows
  • …We have other popular brands you may have heard of, just ask!

With all the options we offer, fitting every Austin project budget, you can rest easy knowing that there will be an attractive and durable addition to your home.

Why Central Texas Remodeling for garden windows?

Central Texas Remodeling experts are an experienced team, here to make your home improvement journey as easy and efficient as possible. You should check out our reviews to get an idea of our customer service. Our top goal is to have you 100% pleased with your finished replacement window project. A free, zero-pressure consultation is the first step, and you can call us today!